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Paragliding is the purest form of flying. By using the elements and rising currents of warm air, we can stay aloft for many hours and travel big distance. This simple aircraft fits easily into a rucksack and weights about 10kg.

Palpa Adventure Pvt. Ltd. offers 3 STAGES of flying course for BEGINNERS. We follow the Para-Pro syllabus which is setup by the Federation of Aeronautique International (FAI) the governing body for all air sports worldwide. All our instructors are highly experienced and form a complete professional team.

During all our courses you will be under careful instruction using two-way radios. Building upon each successfully completed task you quickly progress to higher and longer flights. Due to the exceptional weather conditions in Nepal, we can complete the course needed to get your paragliding license far quicker than in less predictable climates. The satisfaction of controlling your own aircraft by harnessing the elements is enormous. In Nepal the flying is made even more fun by the continuous presence of numerous species of eagle, vulture, falcon, hawk and kite. They all love to join us, equally fascinated by us as we are by them. You will often be flying within feet of the glider!

Beginners Course
Thermalling Course
Arco & SIV Course

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